by Ugly

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Ben: Drums
Chris: Guitar
Krysta: Vocals
Brandon: Bass/Vocals


released April 11, 2017

Recorded by Dylan Ludwig @ Raven Sound Studio Prescott AZ, 3/04/2017 Mixed and mastered by Greg Wilkinson @ Earhammer Studio Oakland CA



all rights reserved


Ugly Prescott, Arizona

4 Piece Sludge/Doom band from Prescott, AZ

Krysta: Vox/Samples
Brandon: Bass/Vox
Chris: Guitar
Ben: Drums

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Track Name: Butcher
I am the butcher
I have no heart
Wind my mechanical drum
And I'll beat this body to pulp
For it once was a living being
Now it is meat
I do as you say, I'm in your hands
People are meat in my hands
Indistinguishable from the next
I wear my god on a silver chain
I'm in his hands
I follow through with your orders
From on high this heap of rot
It's a job
Thoughtless, heartless, butcher
Track Name: They Will Find Me
With my head in my hands I sit and cry
Not for you, tears of anger
You took my life away
All of my work, all of my wealth
Brought down by a child in the road
And now I'm running
Damn your joyful spirit
God damn your very being
Cold sweat and tears ruin me now
Ruined by a child in the way
They will find me
They will destroy me
Until then I keep running
From the child, lifeless
From the child in the road
Track Name: Time To Run
This is the sound of the concrete floor
Rock bottom, no turning back
time to act, time to run
A killing floor waits for no one
The killing floor awaits us all
Track Name: Remember Him
Remember him
He turned it all around
Remember him for what he became
Not for what he was
Remember him
His crooked smile and charm
He had such potential
A leader of his pack
But he would have changed
Black holes in his head still searching
You would have backslid
Back to tears and hatred
Had he lived long enough to see
how ugly it would get
It's a shame he didn't go sooner
It's better that he's dead
Remember him for what he was
Not for what he was to be
It's better this way
It's better that he's dead
Remember him
It's better that he's dead
Track Name: Your Job
You didn't save me because you wanted to
You did it because it's your job
You didn't pray for me because you care
No you did it because it's your job
You didn't beat me out of passion
It's your job
You didn't rape me because it feels good
You were killed in the line of duty
Because it's your job
You're dead
It's your job
You're dead
For your job
Your job